Here To Make Every Piece To Your Liking


The owners are Kendee Scrubb and Zoué Neslo.

The jewelrybrand was created in The Hague, Netherlands.

We wanted to create something different and fashionable for Men and Women
to add to their outfit for that ''extra flair''.
While wearing our jewelry, you will have the feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness . Our Jewelry is upcoming in the US & England but we would also love to see it pop in the Netherlands. So don’t be shy and dare to wear.
Kenzoui Jewelry CZ Collection consists of AAA Cubic Zirkon Copper, 18K gold plated / platinum plated and Sterling Silver materials.
Kenzoui Jewelry > where luxury meets affordable.

Kenzoui Jewelry has now launched a VVS Collection on the website. The Collection is made for our Diamond Lovers , who would like to take it a step up in high quality.
The VVS Collection is made of base with 925 Sterling Silver, 10k Solid Gold or 14K Solid Gold. All diamonds in this collection are certified with a GRA certificate for diamonds above 3 mm meaning it also shows positive on a diamond tester. We are an all round jewelry store, we accept custom orders in any shape or form.
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