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KJ Smart Watches

KJ Smart Watches

Kenzoui Jewelry

KJ Smart Watches

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The Kenzoui Jewelry´s Smart Watches are made for everyday wear and use combined with the various functions available. Mobile phone calls are sent to this watch in a prompt manner. No matter how busy your hands are at work, excercise, you ca answer the phone gently , talk on the original sound in high definition, and keep in touch with friends and family at all times and also listen to music through the smart watch.  Also accurately monitor your sleep through various sleep stages, and analyse your sleep qualityto help you adjust your sleep habits


-  Sport band & metal band available to switch for different occasions.

- Blood & Heart monitor 

- Steptracker

- Available to take & make calls 

- Recieve all messages & notifications immediately on your smartwatch 

- Scientific Sleep monitoring

- Music playback & switch music on the watch interface

- Magnetic Charging: large batteries & lasting battery life

- Available in all languages 

Delivery takes 10 - 14 business days



The Kenzoui Special 

We are going to make sure to keep you guys excited with new updates. The new updates are going to contend out of new products and special discounts. Kenzoui`s product`s like the butterfly chain, Cuban Link and the Tennis Chain is al just a little sneak peek of what`s coming.

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