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Kenzoui Jewelry

On Lock Pendant

On Lock Pendant

Kenzoui Jewelry

On Lock Pendant

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Our “On Lock” pendant is pair-able with any chain of choice. An unisex pendant that gives every outfit an elegant and finished look! 

By example to pair with: 

- excl. Elegante Tennis Chain

-  Simplistic Rope Chain

-Elegante Tennis Chain Gold

The pendant is made of:

-stainless steel 

-18k real  gold/silver plating 

-cubic zirkonia (handset) stones

Be creative and we hope you enjoy your purchase! 🦋



The Kenzoui Special 

We are going to make sure to keep you guys excited with new updates. The new updates are going to contend out of new products and special discounts. Kenzoui`s product`s like the butterfly chain, Cuban Link and the Tennis Chain is al just a little sneak peek of what`s coming.

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